Gate to All Your Bisexual Needs

You see, I myself am a bisexual man. Recently, I have been having a hard time finding a partner who is bisexual, or who accepts bisexuality I didn’t have a lot of options after brainstorming for a bit I came up with a solution that seemed seemingly brilliant. I decided to dip into the online dating business since so many people seem to do it, why not I thought. I didn’t know where to actually begin so I did the next obvious thing I googled it as everyone does. I looked up the best bisexual dating sites online, obviously, and bienjoy immediately caught my eyes, because I wasn’t looking for something too serious. I just wanted to meet up with someone casual and I wanted to know how this online dating business actually is. I had to become more technologically advanced it seemed.

I clicked on it not knowing what to expect. Layout of the site seemed simple, attractive enough and there were applications of it available on both android and iOS which is a big plus, I created a profile easily enough it was quite fast which was really nice and the matchmaking shortly began. There seemed to be millions of users worldwide with varieties of preferences. There weren’t a lot of matches near me due to my geographical location most likely. In just 30 minutes after I joined I was able to see people who matched my preferences. There didn’t seem to be a lot of troll profiles which I heard was common. There were bi couples, bi-curious couples, bi women, bi men. I didn’t want to meet up with couples, not into threesomes that much, so I crossed them out. After searching for a bit I found someone who seemed interesting, fun, and casual. I messaged him, after a couple of minutes I got a reply back. We talked this and that for a bit and we seemed to click at least on the chat. We decided to meet up in a couple of hours in a bar close-by. Again we hit it off in person, we had couples of drinks and we went to my place and had some fun. I really needed that.

From my one time experience, I can say that this site is easy and simple to navigate. Maybe I’m just a little bit biased because I had a great night thanks to this site. I really can’t compare this site to other sites due to my inexperience in online dating. What felt special about this bisexual dating site is that I was able to change my preferences in any way I wanted and the openness for even bi-curious people which felt like a great addition. All in all, I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking for a serious or casual encounter with a variety of people who are close to you. Maybe you are curious about bisexuality, maybe you want to have a threesome, with a variety of flavors I’m sure that this site can give you a great experience try it and you’ll see.